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Housing and in Hidden Defects Lawyer

Whether you sell or purchase a home, you may be faced with one of the following situations that must be dealt with promptly.

If you sold your home, or you intend to do so, claims can be made against you for hidden defects months or even years later. For example, water infiltration from the roof, leaking or cracking basement foundations, pyrite, etc. Claims can be made against you even if you had no knowledge of the defect when you sold the property. Be proactive and prudent – consult to protect yourself.

If you have purchased a home, you may have recourse against your vendor for hidden defects which render the house unfit or would have caused you to pay less for it in order to repair the defect. As soon as you have knowledge of a defect, you must obtain legal advice immediately. In doing so, you will avoid missing important legal deadlines which will limit your recourses.