Civil Liability Lawyers in Montreal and the West Island

Accidents happen and mistakes occur. But when damages are caused to you, either physically or financially, you are entitled to be compensated for your bodily, moral or material loss.

Prompt and early intervention will not only avoid being barred from any recourses (prescription) due to strict limitation periods, but also, early legal consultation ensures efficient fact recall and research as well as enhanced out of court settlement possibilities.

Slips and falls

It is the responsibility of owners or employers to ensure that the premises they own or occupy are maintained in safe condition. Although they can’t foresee every possible situation, they must still be vigilant in preventing any risks that could reasonably be anticipated. If they fail to fulfill these responsibilities and someone slips and falls on their premises, that person has the right to compensation.


Have you been the victim of libel or slander that has had a significant negative impact on your life? Enforce your rights. A civil attorney like Daniel Cooper and Alice Florian can help you fight your case and demonstrate the damages you’ve suffered as a result of defamation.

Dog bites

Article 1466 of the Civil Code of Quebec states:
“The owner of an animal is bound to make reparation for injury it has caused, whether the animal was under his custody or that of a third person, or had strayed or escaped.” So if you’ve been bitten by a dog, you should know that there are legal recourses available to help you recover the damages you’re entitled to.

Contractual obligation

Contractual obligation goes into effect at the time a contract is signed between two parties. It establishes the right of the creditor to demand that the debtor adequately fulfill the responsibilities stipulated in the contract. But what happens if the contractual obligations aren’t fulfilled? From the time a breach of contract occurs, it’s possible for you to initiate legal proceedings with a civil attorney, who can help you obtain reparations, whether through obligation of means or obligation of result.

Financial advisor responsibilities

According to the Civil Code of Quebec and the Act respecting the distribution of financial products and services:

“A representative in insurance of persons must, before completing an insurance proposal or offering an insurance of persons product containing an investment component, including an individual variable insurance contract, analyze the needs of the purchaser, or those of the insured, with the purchaser.

Therefore, depending on the product, the representative in insurance of persons must analyze with the purchaser, in particular, the policies or contracts in effect held by such purchaser or the insured, as the case may be, the features thereof, the name of the issuing insurers, the purchaser’s investment objectives, risk tolerance and financial knowledge, and all other necessary elements such as the income, financial situation, number of dependents, and personal and family obligations of the purchaser.

The representative in insurance of persons must record the information gathered for such analysis in a dated document. A copy of the document must be given to the purchaser no later than on the date the policy is delivered.”
Source: Chapter D-9.2

If you’re facing one of these situations, our lawyers will take the time to listen to you, in addition to guiding and supporting you every step of the way through the legal process.

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