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About Daniel Cooper, lawyer

Daniel Cooper is a lawyer and partner of the firm Marcil & Cooper in Pointe-Claire in the Montreal West Island. He began his practice with 2 major downtown firms litigating in intellectual property matters as well as insurance and civil liability. He has concentrated and specialized his practice as a trial lawyer. He represents private and corporate clients before provincial, federal and appellate Courts.

He has a reputation for delivering results.  It is by being astute, intensively driven, paying attention to detail and thorough trial preparation that he has litigated lawsuits successfully in matters of employment and labour law, child custody and divorce, condominiums, latent defects, criminal law and landlord tennant matters.

Clients are given personalized services tailored to their needs with clear economically based strategies focused on successful outcomes. When possible, efforts are directed at alternate dispute resolution methods in order to reduce the time and costs for obtaining the best results.